Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dirty Laundry

As most of you know, Tess took several months to crate train.  So our first days together were free-range.

Having just gotten out of the shower and wanting to check on Tess to make sure she didn't get into anything, I peeked into the bedroom.  Not there.

I went into the living room.  Not there.

I checked in the kitchen.  Not there.

In a small apartment, these were the only places she could be hiding.  I started to panic -- I lost my dog. But the front door was still closed and locked - how did she get out?  Re-checking the bedroom, I peered into my closet, where I found a skinny, brindle pitbull curled up in a basket of dirty laundry.

Have you ever "lost" your dog?  Where is the oddest place they like to take naps?


  1. I've never had this issue with the dogs, but it has happened with one of our cats. Literally hours we spent looking for him in the house. We even recruited family members who scouted our neighborhood (just in case he got outside). After many hours passed and no sign of him I broke down. I fell to the floor in our kitchen and cried so hard thinking of the worst case scenario. At one point during my breakdown I leaned my head back against our lower cupboards and it was then that I found the cat. He was sound asleep on top of our upper cabinets in the kitchen. I wanted to be mad for what he had put me through, but I was so thankful he was safe. Now when he goes missing or doesn't come when called, that is the first place we look :)

  2. Dogs seem to really like laundry either dirty or clean... I wonder what that's all about???

    I have lost my dogs before, in the house and the backyard. When Dottie was smaller and we had a different bed she would climb under it to sleep, it scared me the first few times I couldn't find her. And, Boomer used to nap in the yard behind the lilac bushes. Luckily we have a different bed and a new backyard where I can't lose them anymore! But, I'm sure they will find new places to hang out.

  3. (sorry if this is a repeat post, it won't allow me to post for some reason!) I LOVE the pics, they are so super cute! Melvin hides on the bed, behind the stack of pillows. He is either getting super comfy or hiding from Jake!

  4. One day Kevin looked all over for Julius and finally when he opened the back door to let Ray out, Julius "appeared." He said he looked all over, but when I asked if he looked in Juli's crate? He said no. Doh!

  5. Haha, so cute. I think you commented on my post when this same thing happened with Kaya when she was a pup:)

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I remember this one now!