Friday, August 2, 2013

Toofless Tess & Ghost Gums Ed

If you follow our Facebook page, you may have seen that Tess went in for surgery Wednesday to get a tooth removed.

A few weeks ago, I was brushing her teeth and noticed one of them looked nasty.  So I made sure to brush everyday to see if I could get it looking better.  A few days later, it looked WORSE.  It also looked a bit jagged, and when I felt it I confirmed that it was broken.

A trip to the vet confirmed that the tooth needed to be fixed or removed.  After briefly contemplating a root canal and crown (whoa $$), and making sure she wouldn't have any issues without the tooth, we scheduled an appointment for removal.

Tess and her shaved arm

On Wednesday morning, Tess went in against her will.  When we picked her up, we found out that not only did she need to have her 4th pre-molar removed, but they also had to take out an incisor (her very front tooth!) because the pulp was completely exposed.

That same morning, we noticed Ed's muzzle, usually a semi-bold pink, was so pale it matched his white fur.  We checked his gums and the skin around his eyes - all very pale.  He also seemed so much more mellow that usual.  While he ate fine, we decided to take him in.  A blood test found an elevated liver value.  While not an immediate emergency, we're keeping track of what he's doing and trying to identify anything poisonous he might have ingested.

I wish we would have snapped a photo of Ed's muzzle...not just for the blog, but for reference as well
$700 later, the pups are doing fine.  Tess is taking some pain meds and antibiotics and eating soggy kibble. Edi's color has returned and while he's still acting mellow, he's got some pep back. Both will go back in 2 weeks for a progress check.

Needless to say, Wednesday was a bit too eventful for us!


  1. Oh no! Poor Ed and Tess! Glad to hear they're feeling better, but having teeth removed and blood tested is never fun. Here's hoping they continue to feel better!

  2. Yikes! What did they think caused Ed's illness? We've had some problems too where the vet told us chewing on things like antlers can cause the pups' teeth to break and need more dental work.

  3. I hope they both feel better soon poor babies. I know your keeping a keen eye on Edi's habits to see if you can pin point the culprit. Do they eat soft chewy treats like Beggin strips? There is a lot of antifreeze type preservatives in those things.

  4. Oh no! Poor puppies! I hope everyone is feeling better in your house and that you were able to have a nice tall drink to calm your nerves after all that.

  5. Oh my... what a week they are having! I hope that Tess is back to normal food soon and Ed feels better, I hope it's nothing too serious!

  6. Poor babies! Hope everyone is on the road to recovery! I found your blog quite by accident, but was pleasantly surprised to see that your Tess and my Baxter look exactly alike! I adopted him from the shelter just before his last day & he is such a sweetheart.

    1. Welcome -- glad you found us! Too funny about Tess and Baxter...we'd love to see a photo! Feel free to post on our Facebook!

  7. What a week...2 sad pups and a dent in your wallet can't be too fun:( Hope everyone recovers soon! They look so sad in their mopy pictures.

  8. Tess can really rock the missing front tooth! I mean, it might become a new trend! I hope everyone (and your wallet!) is back on the mend!

  9. What a scare for Edi :( Very good that you noticed...
    I am scared for a vet to even look at Hades' teeth. While he's not visibly uncomfortable he has several teeth that look like they are going to be problematic in the near future.
    Sounds like they must be doing well by now!