Monday, August 26, 2013

PEDs: Trying New Things

One of the reasons we started the group was to give our members (and us!) a space to work on Edison's our pooches' issues in a safe and supportive environment.  We are so happy to report that our members feel the same!  We got a heart-swelling Facebook post from one of our members who has historically walked her dog on a prong collar:

"I have racked up three days of flat-leash walking practice with Gemma...early mornings are a breeze (no distractions).  I need to work on my bravery when the whole neighborhood is out & about.

Thanks to our new friends/support team with Pack of Erie Dogs for giving me the push (and encouragement) I needed to take this next step!"

Do you have a support team in your community?  What has it helped you accomplish?


  1. I really hope to find a great dog community when we get settled into our new home. I know Boomer and Dottie need some help and I think pack walks and/or classes would be really helpful.

  2. I love seeing dogs and their people!!!