Monday, August 19, 2013

PEDs: A Family Affair

While many of our members come as a human and pooch combo, we love that we have some families that join us on our walks, too!

We know how busy life can be, and sometimes it's hard to find time to do things together.  Our Sunday walks have not only a time for bonding with our pooches, but also with our families.

So often we look at things like walking the dog as a chore, but really they are an opportunity to spend time together.

What do you do to spend quality time with your family?


  1. Of course we take Boomer and Dottie for walks but sometimes we will also go for car rides, play in the backyard, wrestle in the living room and cuddle... there are always cuddles.

  2. We love seeing the family teams on our walks. Sometimes we have grown parent child teams, or just couples. We've realized it's a nice way to take the time to really spend times together.