Monday, August 5, 2013

PEDs: Emma's Pleasant Surprise

We've written about the socialization benefits of pack walks for both reactive and non-reactive dogs.

Our member Emma has seen a little different benefit.  Emma, as rescue pooch, has been timid meeting new people, and especially terrified of men -- to the point of crouching and growling in fear.

This week, Emma's person told us that she ran right up to greet two intimidating policemen outside their house.  Her person was shocked -- they don't have much opportunity to meet new people on walks.

They concluded it must be the presence of the humans at our weekly walks!  Although we don't actively work on human greetings, the simple act of being around such a large group of people is socialization in itself.

Way to go Emma!

Do you have a fearful dog? How do you work on overcoming her fears?


  1. Yay Emma!!! Maybe it's because I have a "men" reactive dog too, but I can't stop smiling after reading this!

  2. So great to hear how well she is doing! We have several reactive dogs in our group too, and their people say it is an added benefit for them to be on the walks comfortably walking among the other people and their pups.

  3. Yay Emma!!!!!!!! Love hearing stories like this!

  4. Braylon was once pretty fearful of men. She's fine now but she knows one person in particular that I still don't really trust her around. I bet something like this would be great for her too, just the presence of being around more people. How exciting for Emma's family that she's mad progress in a very difficult area.