Monday, August 12, 2013

PEDs: Building a Community

One of the things we love about our walks is that it allows us to form relationships with other like-minded dog owners in our community.

This week, one of our members was talking about an outing she and her dog had with another member.  They go on weekly walks outside of the Sunday pack walks.

We love that members are forming friendships and socializing throughout the week!  We think it is great that dogs from the group get together and play, especially the social butterflies who can and need to physically interact with other pooches.  And we know that they have had nice introductions!

One thing that we would also love to instate is an idea we got from the Positive Pittie Pack: regular meetings with humans to chat and really get to know one another (or more realistically, more about each others' dogs!).

Do you have a dog community in your city?