Friday, August 23, 2013


Anyone who has adopted a shelter dog knows that a bath is an immediate necessity and a good symbol of a fresh start.  I learned quickly Tess does not do baths.

She rarely ever needs a bath, though -- she has very low odor and doesn't play hard enough to get dirty.  Sure, we've tried to give her baths.  She has a patented move -- "the alligator death roll" -- where she twirls her body making it impossible to hold on to her.  It's amazing what 40 pounds of solid muscle can do.  We've found that she is barely more manageable getting a bath in the yard.

Edison doesn't necessarily love baths, but he definitely needs them!  We find that after a few weeks, he gets a very noticeable musk (dang boys!).  With the promise of a treat, he'll jump in the tub (we love using the professional tubs at Mud Puppies) and stand still while we brush, wash, rinse, and even dry (with the blow-drier!).  We make sure to keep bath time as fun (and quick) as possible and give lots of treat to the good boy.

The stress that baths place on Tess (and us!) is really not worth the hassle.  So we've invested in wipes (we like Sensitive Skin Wet Ones) that help keep the need for a bath to a minimum.  And in the rare cases she does need a bath, we found waterless shampoo (yes, it's Paul Mitchell -- don't judge).

Do your pooches do baths?  If not, how do you keep them clean?


  1. Love the alligator death roll reference! I used to do a whole Roadrunner/Coyote routine with Miss M, but in their old age I think she has mellowed. Now we just toss them both in together, and they just stand there.

  2. Alligator death roll... that's something I'd like to see a photo of!

    You'd think that Boomer and Dottie being labs that they would love all types of water activities but not so! When it comes to baths you have to carry Dottie to the tub because she throws herself on the floor and goes dead weight. Boomer on the other hand hangs his head and drags his feet the whole way to the bathtub.

  3. Haha, they definitely have the sad I just got bathed look in the last picture:( Kaya & Norman hate baths. And they know it's coming when I tell them to go in the bathroom which is normally off limits. Kaya will get in the tub on her own but Norman I have to physically pick up and put him in. I think based on cleanliness, many people would bathe my dogs on a daily basis as they are always getting muddy, dirty, wet and then dusty but I only bath them when they roll in something stinky or if they're going somewhere special.

  4. We stay stocked up on hypoallergenic baby wipes for Bray--it wouldn't be possible to bathe her as often as she needs to be bathed! My dogs never stink though--their coats just get to where I feel they need a bath after awhile. Hades hates the tub but is a master at his "Get in the tub command." I need to take a video and post it...he has this hilarious look on his face every time like, "I'm only doing this because I love you, but inside I am freaking the F out"