Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Guilt Trip

Since Tess isn't great at being left alone, it makes it very hard to travel...with or without her.

Any trips that we take with her require near constant supervision by either myself or Sam (or else we're looking at a new crate, poop cleanup, or worse - damage to crown molding, doors, etc).

Trips that we take without her require require three walks a day by a local dog walker (one we like is Sophie's Sit and Stroll).

Ed, on the other paw hand, is pretty easy going.  Give him some sun, some playtime, and a comfy blanket when it's crate time and you won't hear a peep - until someone walks past that he thinks he can get a good scare out of ("I'm not doing anything"...wait for it.......... "WOOF"!!)

Since Tess does best in familiar settings (i.e. home), it's generally best to leave the pooches under the supervision of our dog walker.  Even so, I feel slightly guilty taking long-weekend trips without them.

Do you take or leave your pooches when you go on trips?  What do you do if you leave them?


  1. We usually leave them at a kennel. They are so easy going and love everyone so that is like a vacation for them. This year we are taking them on a two week adventure to Myrtle Beach. I hope it will be a great time for all.

  2. Boomer and Dottie are usually boarded at a kennel because we don't have anyone that we can leave them with. We've found that as Dottie is getting older though that she doesn't do as well so we always make sure she and Boomer share an extra large indoor/outdoor dog run, it helps with her anxiety a bit.

  3. Well, we've had Ray since January 2012 and haven't taken anything more than a day trip since then. :-(

    I'd like to go for a weekend trip with the pooches, but Julius is not a good rider yet.

  4. We don't tend to take too many weekend getaways (because of the dogs). It is stressful whether we take them or leave them, so we've found it just isn't worth it. Although, we have taken them camping twice this summer and they have done great.

    I think if we had someone we trusted who could walk them, feed them and administer Lainey's meds and do her physical therapy we would consider it.

    I sometimes think about my "pre-dog" life and all the traveling I used to do (Vega, Mexico, Cali, Florida). Although it was fun, I wouldn't give up my pooches for any of it.

  5. I would love to see that adorable face pop up when I was driving! I always have someone come stay at the house. If I'm just gone overnight, I'll have them come and walk/feed/play with the dogs. But anything over two days, I have a dog sitter come live at the house. Between Melvin's allergies and me just wanting the keep stress to a minimum, It's worth it for the peace of mind!

  6. Traveling has become really hard because it is so expensive to board them (about $60/dog per day!!) so our trips have been limited. We were able to have a friend come and stay with them the last time, but it also depends on when they are available.

  7. Poor Tess:( I personally hate going on trips without my pups but I get it that I can't take them with me when I fly somewhere, etc. So most of our vacations are to my parents house at Lake Tahoe which is a few hour drive. They are so easy in the car that I forget they're with me. They like new places and as long as they can run around somewhere once a day, they are good to go. Gina usually comes too:) Weirdly, she is a great travlin' cat.

  8. Good topic! We have two elderly shepherds who are set in their ways -- they do so much better at home. Lucky for us our trusted dog walker is also a house-sitter, so it's much less expensive to have Marina come for the weekend (or week) and stay with the dudes.

    But we also try to take mini vacations where we're renting a house on a lake, one that accepts pets. is a great place to find a house for a weekend or a week, and you can narrow your search down to pet-friendly houses. We've had some of the best vacations that way!