Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY: No-Sew Dog Pillow Covers

Like many of you, we try to use "people stuff" for the pooches because, not only it is it cheaper, but it usually "goes" with the decor better.

A few months ago we bought two Euro-sized pillows and cotton covers from Bed Bath and Beyond (thank you, 20%-off coupon!).  The cover gave the pillow some protection, but it really wasn't doing much by way of going with the room.  Around the same time I found this amazing tutorial from Yellow Brick Home.  Kim gives an amazing step-by-step that you really can't mess up.

Because we were making two covers, we bought 4 yards of duck canvas.  Honestly, the fabric was pretty pricey, but I was more concerned about looks than cost (and it was still way cheaper than 2 large dog beds!).

We then gathered our supplies:
-- Fabric
-- Ironing Board & Iron
-- Damp Wash Rag
-- Scissors
-- Stitch Witchery
-- Measuring Tape

Step 1: Cut the fabric to size.  This was the longest (and most painful step) of the whole process.  Because I had 4 yards, the fabric became hard to manage.  If I was to do this again, I would prep my measurements before hand and have it cut at the store.

Using Kim's formulas, I calculated the fabric measurements.  Our Euro pillows measured 26" x 26" so the fabric size became 26+2(hem on each side)+1(pillow form) x 26+26(fold over)+1(pillow form)+2(enclosure overlap)+2(hem on each side).  If you're following along at home, that made my fabric 29" x 57".

Step 2: Cutting the Stitch Witchery to size, I "hemmed" the edges of the enclosure.  This corresponded the the short ends of the fabric.  I also took Kim's advice and pre-ironed the lip for a crisp edge.

Follow the directions for your bonding web.  Mine called for placing a damp washcloth between the iron and the fabric.  Hold the iron in place for anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds (I found closer to 30 works better!). Repeat on the other edge.

Step 3: Create your pillow shape inside out, overlapping the ends about 2 inches.  Then, bond the final edges of the case.

Step 4: Once the bond lines have completely cooled, carefully turn the case inside-right and insert your pillow (or any stuffing material, really).

Seriously though, please check out Kim's tutorial if you're interested in making this.  It's amazing and much clearer than this one.

Because we used a Euro pillow insert, we didn't use any type of closure and it works great.  Although I'd love to take it a step further and sew a pillow -- with a zipper!  We're also looking at making two pillows with outdoor fabric for nice comfy lounging spots on the patio.

What human products do you in place of dog stuff?  Have you DIY'd anything?


  1. So cool! And I love the fabric you chose!

  2. I was just looking to find a no sew option to make a new cover for one of Nola's beds. I will be sure t try this and post pics after! Yours looks great!

  3. I love that! I really would like to try that with the dog's mats in the new house.

  4. You lost me at Stitch Witchery....haha! I'm so NOT domesticated and don't even know if we own an iron. But, your beds sure did turn out great. I love the fabric.

  5. Very cool... I have no idea what stitch witchery is but I'm sure I'll figure it out if I decide to take on making pillows!

  6. This is frigen AWESOME!!!! You are so crafty! Can you make us all one?!

  7. So great! I sometimes don't have the patience for projects, but I love seeing how other people make it work. And we are all about using human products for dogs!

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