Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Showing Thanks: Tesla

Dear Humane Society of NWPA Volunteers,

I don't know if you remember Pearl or not, but she is now Tesla.  I had no idea what it was to have the love of a dog, but in January of 2010 I found out in a quick way.  Now, three and a half years later, she's become my whole world.

We have done so much in our three years together.  She's become the star of a blog, completed several obedience classes, earned her CGC, and has even been certified as a therapy dog.  Beyond that, she has grown so much in confidence from the nervous dog she once was - not to mention gaining 20+ pounds!

She has helped me discover Erie's dog community, helped me make new friends, and created a pitbull advocate.  She is truly a breed ambassador!

Thank you so much for taking a chance on a little, brindle pitbull, and even more for allowing me to bring her into my life!

Love, Hannah (and her now family - Sam and Edison)


  1. Aw... what a sweet post... she really is an awesome dog!

  2. You and Tes-alicious are two of my favorite girls!!! This post is beautiful, I'm glad that love found you both!!!

  3. Love your majority campaign picture at the end! Little "Pearl," she got a better name and the BEST home. :)

  4. Did the shelter's write you back on these?

    1. Yes! I posted them on their facebook pages and got responses from both!

    2. Cool! You've inspired me to write to Kaya & Norman's shelters!