Friday, July 26, 2013

Showing Thanks: Edison

Dear Trumbull County Dog Kennel Volunteers,

I don't know if you remember Manny  or not, but he is now Edison.  We weren't sure what we were getting into when we brought a 9-month-old, bullheaded pup home in October 2011, but a year and a half later, we don't know what we'd do without him.

He has quite the following on our blog  and has come SUCH a long way.  He has completed 3 obedience classes as well as an agility class (which he did SO well in!), and we are working hard to be ready to take the CGC exam by the end of the year.

He is still working on a lot, but he has taught us so much more!

Thank you so much for taking a chance when you took this guy in, and even more for taking a chance on us and letting us bring him home!

Love, Hannah, Sam, and Tesla


  1. <3 Y'all are such a cute family!

  2. His shelter profile picture is to DIE for! I would have camped out to meet that blockhead! I'm glad you found each other!

  3. Aw... how sweet. Good luck on the CGC prep and test!

  4. Tears! He ABSOLUTELY scored when he found you!

  5. Cute! No wonder you adopted him...look at that picture!