Monday, July 8, 2013

Readiness Week: Dog Binders

As we mentioned last week, we keep all of the pooches information in one handy spot: their binders.  Each has a dedicated for "all things Tesla" and one for "all things Edison."

Within each binder are dividers for several sections:

  • Licenses/Certifications - rabies certification and lifetime City license number
  • Adoption Papers - all relative adoption documentation
  • Health Records - all relevant documents from vet office
  • Training Documents - Certificates of completion for training classes, as well as any relevant handouts
  • Avid Microchip - Microchip papers and number

Tesla also has:

  • Therapy Dog Documents - all the paperwork we filled out to be certified, certificate, handbook, etc.
  • Dog Sitter Documents - service agreements, instructions for care, notes from dog walker
  • Miscellaneous - other things I want to keep for reference

Oh, and don't forget the drawings from kids through her therapy dog work (they are just too cute not to keep!)

As Tess's binder has had some time to grow, some of the sections are in need of relocation to their own binders, especially the Dog Sitter Documents, as they pertain to both pooches.

The other thing that lives in the pups' binders is the pre-made LOST posters, just in case.  Since they are already made up, there is no wasting time finding a "good" photo if they should get lost.

We have the digital file to insert the lost date and location, or we can just write it in and copy without losing precious time.  We used the instructions here to make the posters and would use the other tips there as well.

This is just one step in our "Readiness Kit" - tune in on Wednesday for our First Aid Kits!


  1. You are so organized! I actually keep most of Ray's paperwork in the back of a recipe binder! I should get on the ball and make him his own binder.

  2. I love these binders, something I should have done for Boomer and Dottie years ago... maybe I need to dig everything out and make a few!

  3. Oh...this is such a good idea! I like the lost posters, because while we all know what to do, if they are being watched by someone else and we are out of town this could be so important. To our horror, we found out when we were out of the country and Mr B was staying with E's mom, he got out. I guess he walked around the suburbs, then somehow showed back up at their front door. We didn't even know, but so scary!

    1. WOW - scary! I never even thought about when they aren't in my possession! I'll definitely be leaving a note for the dog walker the next time she comes to let her know they are there! Do you think Mr B was reminded of his old life walking around the suburbs?

  4. This is SUCH a good idea - especially the pre-made "lost" posters! I need to get on this ASAP!

  5. The one thing that I wasn't expecting is that pictures of dogs having fun and playing hard together would turn people off so much. They always get the lowest number of clicks on social media. Its like they get mistaken for a walkers

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