Monday, July 1, 2013

PEDs: On Discovering Our City

Following the same route as last week, we got a comment on how beautiful the walk was.

One of the things we have enjoyed most about our walks is seeing new parts of the city.  We discovered the Public Access Walkway for this walk, allowing us to take a nice long walk right along the bay. 
Not only do we check out new sites during our walks, but we walk several different routes while planning future routes, as well.

We love seeing different parts of our city and allowing the pooches to have many new experiences.

Do any Erie folks have suggestions for future routes?  Do you discover your city during walks?


  1. Lovely scenery! Look at all those doggies!!! So jealous!

  2. what about scott's parks trail? do they allow dogs? I just remember going there with my sister.

  3. Beautiful! The dogs look so happy:D When I lived in London, the only way I figured out the city was to walk it and I came across the most amazing things that I would never have seen in a car!