Monday, July 22, 2013

PEDs: Group Dynamics

We had three new pooches join the walk this week.  And while we have had new dogs join us, this week there was a noticeable change in the energy of the group.

Sure, there was a new "yellow" dog that joined that we expected to have issues our other reactive dog, but it seemed that the energy change affected all the pooches.

I expect that a few walks together will ease this tension.  But what I found so interesting is that you could feel the change in the energy of the group.  Not a bad change in energy, but definitely different.

Do you feel energy changes in your pooch?

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  1. Our beginning group walks used to be very different, but I think now so many of the pups are used to walking together, that we have that good base so when we add in pups it doesn't impact that much. Though sometimes the dogs walk differently in different locations. There was one park where we had gone before, but even our buffer dogs were a bit anxious.