Monday, July 29, 2013

Organizing Dog Gear: Dog Cabinet and Leashes

When I moved into my house, I could barely cook and had virtually no kitchen equipment.  Having tons of extra space, and since Tess eats in the kitchen, it was natural that her stuff end up in a cabinet.  Several years later, I have come a long way in cooking, and am sure that extra real estate in the kitchen would be nice, but we love having a designated space for the dogs' "stuff."

Their cabinet contains: a bin of dog food, their seat belts and Edi's vest (and our giant box of poop bags).

Also in there is a basket that holds various bags of treats, and old coffee containers repurposed to hold bulk treats we get from Mud Puppies.  Who spots The Bean in our cabinet?!

On the top shelf, there are smaller bins to corral their grooming items (brushes, ear wipes, conditioning spritz, sunscreen, waterless shampoo, and diaper liners),

medication and hygienic items,

and the catch-all "miscellaneous," which currently holds a diaper for Tess, poop bags and bag holders, a ball, and empty plastic baggies for treats.

The pooches' real estate in the kitchen has also spread to the counter by the door where we've put a covered coffee can to hold poop bags and other loose items, as well as a jar of treats for quick access (plus, they look so cute!)

We also have hooks to hold leashes, blinking lights for night walks, and our keys.

We love repurposing old containers to keep things neater and more organized, although our favorite addition was the 3M hooks to hold their seatbelts!

How do you organize your dog gear?  Do your pooches have a special spot in the house?


  1. Ours have so much stuff, it has taken us a lot of time to get to the point where everything is organized and easy for us to access. I like your cabinet area, and I think we have the same food safe.

  2. Love it! I happen to adore organization so everything about this post just made me so happy!

  3. We have a dog spot in our kitchen too... in fact several drawers are dedicated to meds and first aid supplies as well as a food container on the floor and a treat jar on the counter.

  4. I like to keep our dog stuff organized too. After moving into our new house, I have their treats and some chews on a shelf in the kitchen and everything else is in the laundry room. I've got a lot of plastic tubs and baskets too:) Their collars have a hook too and they have tons of stuff in the car too like tennis balls, chuck-it, treats and towels.

  5. We originally had a cupboard in the kitchen for all of Storm's stuff... including his treats. Well, to my dismay, after over two years of keeping his treats in the same place, he figured out how to open the cupboard door and "treat" himself to ALL of his treats while we were out. So, I thought, I'll just move them from the bottom cupboard to the top one, hanging on the wall over the counter. Well- that lasted all of two days. He is just too smart for his own good (or mine!). He figured out he could just stand on his hind legs, up on the counter and open the door somehow and treat himself again! UGH- so now they are on top of the fridge- way in the back. He hasn't figured that out yet!!! Gotta love them!! (FYI- at this same time, he figured out how to get into the garbage, as that is also kept inside a cupboard. A trip to Babys'R'Us and installation of magnets lock has seemed to do the trick. A few scratches on the door are evidence of his trying at first to get to the garbage again, but since he was successful, we appear to have "solved" that problem. (I know, the solution is to train him NOT to do it, but that is a whole other topic!)

  6. Yeah, I see what may be a child lock on that cupboard, but I'm a bit worried that you've got prescription meds in a place that the dogs might figure out (or just bust into) Be safe!

    1. A valid concern. We actually just finished up their First Aid Kit a few weeks ago, and the plan is to move those medications there -- just haven't gotten around to it.

      Funny enough, we can't get Tess to take her medication as it is...I doubt she'd go out of her way to take it. The dogs are crated anytime we're not home and Edison is never left to his own devices even when we are.

      But thanks for pointing this out -- a kick in the butt to move them as planned!

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