Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Organizing Dog Gear: Clothes and Toys

One of the things we've found hardest to organize is all their clothes.  We originally had it all stuffed into a tub, but it was so hard to find anything.  So we've done some rearranging and came up with a much better solution.  We moved all the pooches' bandanas into an old end-table in the basement (a remnant of my college days), where we had some of the pooches gear stuffed.

We also organized the dogs' collars, accessories (like our Little Bow Pup bows), and snoods in the other drawer.

In order to make room for these things, we got a basket for the pooches' Edison's toys -- we don't have many as Tess doesn't really play with toys and Edi destroys most of them, but it's a nice way to corral them. I'd love to dress up the basket like this sometime soon.

By removing the bandanas, we had more room in our bin - that now houses costumes, tutus, and sweatshirts.  We'd love to get the pooches some space in our basement storage/laundry area to store everything all together.

We also keep the pooches rain jackets in the hall closet during the spring and summer, while we store their winter jackets in the hall storage closet, and vice versa in the winter and fall.

We'd love to get this all looking better and more cohesive, maybe upgrading the end-table and toy chest to something like this with some internal baskets for organizing everything, or even just giving the end-table a paint job and new handles.

How do you control all your pooches' "stuff?"  What is your best tip to keep dog gear organized?

In case you missed it: how we organize the pooches' cabinet.


  1. We have several drawers in an old hutch that are devoted to Boomer and Dottie things in the kitchen but a huge basket of toys in the living room for when they play at night. It's just so hard to keep it all in one spot because they accumulate so much stuff!

  2. I love this post too!!! I love the idea of hanging the jackets, brilliant! I got a wooden toy chest for the boys clothes and then gave their stuff the mudroom. Hooks and a shoe organizer over the the back of the door houses all of their daily/weekly items.

  3. I have their coats and hoodies hanging in the closet too. And their collars (that they almost never wear) are in a tub in the laundry room. I love organizing too!

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