Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Having Fun While Staying Safe

It is often said that the 5th of July is the busiest day of the year for shelter workers.  This is because the noise and hubbub that we call a "celebration" often terrifies our pooches, causing them to panic and flee - especially if you're not home, it could cause them to go out looking for you.

Make sure your pal is securely inside, especially as the night grows long and the firework shows begin.  Have secure identification on your pet and have them microchipped if possible.  The procedure takes about 10 minutes and costs under $50 bucks - so if your dog isnt' already microchipped, you still have time!

We keep all the pooches information handy and in one place, allowing us to quickly access the pooches microchip number.  We also have pre-made "LOST" posters created, just in case, with recent photos of them - so we don't have to rush around looking for a "good" photo. More on all this next week!

A few other good tips for helping your pooch enjoy the holiday as much as you:
     -Keep alcoholic beverages out of your pooches reach
     -Take your pooch for an extra walk or do some mind games for stress relief
     -Be aware of the temperature of the air and the pavement during your barbecue
     -Keep your pet at home if you go out to a fireworks display.
       If your furry pal is extra noise-sensitive, consider having a friend stay with them.

Do you have holiday plans?  Do they include your pooches?

Sources: American Humane AssociationPetMD


  1. We can usually see the fireworks from our driveway, but so often we are already in bed by that time. On nights that will be loud I usually tuck Ray in with a blanket and turn on some classical music for him.

  2. I (the human) do not enjoy fireworks, mostly due to the noise. We hunker down with ALL TVs on and the noise machine and head to the basement for a movie! The boys can't hear a thing and it's better for all of us!

  3. We're lucky enough to live in a city built on hills so we'll probably head over to one of the lookouts to check out multiple fireworks displays:)

  4. Great advice Hannah!!!!

    We are lucky, Storm doesn't seem to even notice loud noises. He doesn't even flinch when he hears fireworks or thunderstorms!! However, we are always extra cautious just in case he has a change of heart one of these days!

  5. Great tips!

    We don't usually celebrate other than grilling ourselves and the pups something yummy and don't leave the house so we'll all be together and if anyone gets scared there's plenty of time for cuddles and safe crates to hang out in.

  6. This is such great stuff! Thanks for sharing! :)