Monday, June 24, 2013

PEDs: On Challenging Ourselves

As reactive-dog owners, we understand how much simpler it is to avoid.  But we also know how little good it does.  Our pooches need to be put in situations that challenge them -- all the while being set up to succeed.

After walking two safe routes for the past two months, we decided we needed a challenge for our PEDs walks, too.

We planned a route along the Bayfront for yesterday's walk.  And while it's less traveled than other paths in the area, there are still plenty of distractions - bikes, kids, other dogs...goose poo.

Our members have been doing so well.  I think that keeping a "safe," consistent location for the first several weeks has been really effective in getting the group to "click," especially our reactive dogs.

The new location worked out well (once we figured out where everyone was!), and it did supply some new experiences.  We'll be happy to give it another shot next week!

How do you challenge your pooches?


  1. This place deserves another walk....what a beautiful view! And what gorgeous pups.

  2. Lovely -- dogs and scenery!

  3. It looks like things are going so well. And what a pretty walk! We found that one good by-product is that it challenges us to explore other parts of the city.