Monday, June 3, 2013

PEDs: Making Progress

Someone asked me on our walk yesterday if any of the reactive dogs have seen an improvement.

I couldn't quite answer this question as this was Edison's first walk.  He did awesome and rocked his new vest (more on it later this week!).

I couldn't speak for the other dog owners as to whether they've seen an improvement.  I know Wynston's person has been impressed with his behavior on the walks, but it's still too early to tell whether it has made an improvement.

What we do know if that socializing any dog on a regular basis is good for them.  Since taking Ed to Mud Puppies, we have seen a HUGE improvement.  I can only imagine what socializing in a walking group will do for him.

How do you socialize your pooch?  What works for you?


  1. That's awesome that Ed got to walk. I think the vest is great and hopefully improvement will keep building.

  2. I'm so glad that Ed got to join in on the walk! Excited to hear more about the vest.

  3. The vest is so AWESOME! It just makes me happy every time I see it, we get to celebrate that not all dogs want you or other dogs in their space! Love it!

    1. YES! We need it mainly for dogs. We want Ed to have human interactions and work on his greetings, but they need to be on OUR terms.

  4. Glad to see the walks are going so well! We know it doesn't happen overnight, but sometimes 4 walks for the reactive dogs to start getting the hang of it. I love seeing so many happy pups together!

  5. Great to see that the walks are doing fine! I really hope Ed gets better- I do like his vest, I've seen it in photos and can't wait to hear about it! We like to take Dina to place with lots of people and busy places as that is where she struggles a bit.
    Dina Mom

  6. I think these walks are so great for reactive dogs! I bet Ed will really enjoy it once he settles in:D Though we run into dogs on our hikes, Kaya & Norman get their dog fix best at the park:)

  7. I don't want the responsibility of organizing a group but this would be SO good for Hades. He is the classic case of "I SEE A DOG! I CAN'T MEET IT?! OKAY LET ME STARE AND GO NUTS INSTEAD!" :(
    Ed is my favefave! He will make improvements, I know it. Where did you get the vest?