Wednesday, June 19, 2013

PEDs: Commitment of the Group

We have loved the commitment we've gotten from our members since we started the group in May.

We've managed to get a good size turn-out on rainy days, hot days, and even holidays!

We have been so impressed.  Wynston's person mentioned that she would love to bring her other (read, easier) dog to the walks, but knows that the walks are more important for Wynston -- even though they are more stressful for her!

Look how close Wynston lets Tess get!
Little Nikki has made every walk so far!

We really think commitment and routine is so important to our pooches, whether that be feeding times, morning walks, or weekly group walks.

What routines do you have with your pooches?


  1. I love the last picture of Tess's face! My routine so far is thinking that we need to get into a walking routine. ;-)

  2. I love seeing groups of dog lovers! We are very regimented with the dogs schedules (it's a type A curse) but I truly believe they learn to count on the schedule and it gives us so many moments for positive reinforcement. We wake up and go for a walk, so the dogs go straight to the mudroom for a 'good dogs!' and so on throughout the day. It's a job to stay on rountine, but worth it!