Monday, June 10, 2013

PEDs: Benefits for Humans

During our walk yesterday, one of our members told us that not only are the walk good for socializing her dog, but they are great for getting her out, too!

It's true!  Sure, the walks help wear out the dogs with mental and physical stimulation, but getting out for a walk is beneficial for the human end of the leash, too.

We also get to work on ensuring our bond with our pooches is the strongest it can be,

and we get to talk to other dog owners about gear, places to go, and things to do.

We can get advice on dealing with situations or behaviors,

and finally have someone that wants to hear stories about our pooches!

Do you have a community of dog owners in your area?  What do you find most beneficial?


  1. That's awesome! It's true, when Kaya was young I used to just take her to the local dog park all the time and wasn't getting any physical exercise myself. I found myself sort of depressed and did not look forward to our outings. As soon as I switched to hikes and big parks that I walk around too, I feel so much happier and I can't wait to take them out! There are several people that I see at the park a lot that I enjoy talking to, it's not like being stuck with a bunch of weirdos that I couldn't stand at the local dog park.

  2. That is all so true. Puppy classes and training classes are the same too. I love it when I get chatting with a dog owner Dina and I meet on a walk- it is really fun to exchange stories.
    Dina Mom

  3. I know this is odd, but one of my favorite things about seeing someone walking their dogs is when they are also holding a bag of poop, effortlessly, like it's not big deal. It's like instant family!