Friday, June 21, 2013

Obsessive Compulsive Doggy

Last night during our walk, it seemed like Tess had an upset stomach as she went, the bathroom quite a few times.

And we realized that each time she went, she peed almost immediately after. While she always pees second, we never noticed the pattern as it is usually in the morning or after she has eaten.

So it seems like Tess is a little OCD about her bowel movements.

We realized that this isn't the only thing she's obsessive about. She has to sit on the passenger side directly behind the passenger seat while in the car always. Even if her brother's crate is there - she'll make do. (I can't find the photo of this, but will post it on facebook when I do!)

It's no wonder that Tessie is always so worried! I wonder what other rituals she has that we don't allow her to do....

Does your dog have obsessions? Any rituals?

This post is in no way to make light of the serious effects OCD can have on humans and their families.


  1. When walking my two girls, Ginger must be ahead of Pepper or Ginger will act like a bull until she is the leader.

  2. Ray won't actually "go" outside of our yard unless he really, really, really has to and oddly enough, he sits in the same spot as Tess while in the car!

  3. Awwwwww, this makes me love Tess even more! Tess, do not fret, I have to yell "UNPLUGGED" when checking to be sure I unplugged the flat iron, otherwise, all day I'm convinced I left it on. I feel you girl!

  4. I haven't really seen anything with Boomer but Dottie is all about her "rituals" from how she greets me to where she sleeps and gets comfortable. But, I can't talk I do things to, like saying aloud to myself when I leave the house, "The doors are locked and the garage door is down" otherwise I doubt myself and panic, I can't let anything happen to my pups.

  5. Oh Tess, you are not the only one! Athena is still crated every time we leave the house, so her everyday ritual is when we open up her crate for her to come out, she must put something in her mouth. Sometimes it's a Kong from her crate, or if we didn't leave anything in her crate, she will find the nearest toy or sock. Athena will carry her chosen object outside (because we take her potty every time she gets out of the crate) and hold it in her mouth while she goes to the bathroom. It happens every single time and it's hilarious =)

    And obviously Athena is majorly OCD about balls. She can't drink water if a ball has been around in the last 10 minutes. This is especially a struggle at flyball practice where there are balls everywhere. Athena WILL NOT drink water at flyball practice! Crazy girl.

  6. Oh ya...Kaya will only play with one tennis ball per outing. If she loses it, she will obsess with finding it and not take interest in another one. Norman has to sit backwards in the car almost always. He shoves his face between the 2 headrests and looks out the back window. Kaya has to sleep under the covers and she will shove her nose at the edges until you lift the blanket for her to burrow under. Silly dogs!