Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Raining Kibble

You might remember way back here when we did our kibble raiser, we promised to donate a pound of kibble for each "like" we received on our facebook.  And boy did you guys respond!

By the time we reached the end date, we had over 500 likes!  So true to our word, we picked up 500 POUNDS  -- yep, thirteen 40-pound bags -- of dog food for the pups at The ANNA Shelter.

One of the coolest things about donating this food is that not only will it feed the pups during their temporary stay at the shelter, The ANNA Shelter also has teamed up with Erie Animal Network to combine their pet food banks to help pet owners in need.

We knew we wanted to donate food that we would feed to our own pups, so we checked in at one of Tess & Ed's favorite places -- Mud Puppies.  We went with Victor Dog Foods, a brand that we have been contemplating switching the pooches over to for a few months ago.  Kim so very graciously gave us a HUGE discount to help make this possible.

It felt to great being able to support the organizations that support the Erie animal community.

Oh, and we had the pleasure to meet this little lady yesterday.  Meet Sapphire.  Like a few of the dogs that have been shared this past week, Sapphire isn't doing so hot in the kennel situation.  She would much rather be spending her time being a part of a family.  Within her kennel, she is visibly sad.  But as soon as she is out and has some human contact, she's a totally different dog.  Any Erie peeps looking to adopt a new best friend, this is one you want to check out!!

Thank you so much to everyone who made this donation possible -- especially all of YOU that liked our page!!


  1. It's beyond cool what you guys did. That's a lot of kibble!

  2. Great job guys, what you do makes a huge difference!

  3. You are a rockstar! Look at all that kibble!

  4. Thank you!! This is awesome. You are also very right about Sapphire. She does get depressed in her kennel. But once she comes out she is one big snuggle bug. One of the local group homes stopped by with some donations Wednesday night. They brought some of their residents in to visit the dogs and cats. The pups did so well with these special needs visitors, even with their wheelchairs, and limited communication. One of the aides fell in love with Sapphire, so I also brought her out to visit. She was so gentle with one of the ladies. She very carefully crawled up the wheelchair to say hello and gave her a kiss. I tried to take the weight of Sapphire's paws onto my arm (so she wouldn't hurt the lady), but their was no weight there. She was smart enough to know how gentle she needed to be. :-) Very sweet pup!
    Becky (ANNA Volunteer)

  5. Awesome, good job! Ed looks so proud:)