Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bark in the Park 2013

Last night Tess & I went to Bark in the Park at Jerry Uht Stadium to watch the Erie SeaWolves take on the Portland Sea Dogs!

There were tons of dogs there!  In past years, pitbulls (and other controversial breeds) have been turned away, so we were so glad to see (a few!!) pitties mixed in with the crowd!!

With the number of dogs in attendance, it comes as no surprise that unwanted greetings between dogs was bound to happen.  There were, of course, many people who didn't understand the importance of personal space and careful greetings, but we didn't have any incidents and didn't hear any major commotion either!

We even met a new Therapy Dog named Shiloh!  She was the cutest!

Tess, of course, was a huge hit in her tutu...

and managed to make a new friend.

Unfortunately, at the top of the 11th, the score was tied - and we were tired!

But the SeaWolves managed to pull out a victory in the 12th!!

What kind of events do you attend in your area?


  1. This weekend I'll be escoring an adoptable pooch to an outreach event. I imagine he or she will be sporting a Sirius collar and accessory.
    I think we have a bark in the park sometime this summer as well. I'm sure that if we do, I'll be there in some capacity.
    I love Tess's tutu and matching leash!

  2. This is so cool!!!!! I love that Tess stayed true to herself and rocked a TuTu at a sporting event!!! Way awesome!

  3. This is awesome, and Tess looked super cute in that tutu! I wish we had something like that here!

  4. Love her color coordinated outfit, she rocked it! Glad she made a new friend, who could resist her cuteness? :)

    We're going to the 6th Annual Whisker Walk( in Sterling, MA this weekend, there are at least 40 different shelters and rescues participating, plus a ton of vendors. Maggie does pretty well at these types of events, Duke not as much. It takes him a while to relax, we know he's starting to chill when he finally takes a treat. :)

    1. That is our situation - Tess is pretty relaxed in public, while Ed gets way too worked up. Poor guy. We're working on it so we can take him out and about more often!

  5. We went to a Fun Dog Show which you can read about on our blog!