Friday, May 31, 2013

PEDs: Keeping the Same Location

Since our first PEDs walk, we've kept the same location.

We loved how easy it was to get to for everyone.  There was plenty of parking and space for us to meet and group up to go.

Not only that, but it was so easy to tell new members or interested parties where to go!

The main reason we kept the same location was to allow our members (human and canine!) to get used to the idea of our pack walks.

We figured while the pooches got used to each other and the idea of not greeting, it would be easier to keep the environment the same.

After a month of walking the same route, we're ready to mix it up a bit.  We are working on some new routes and will post on our Facebook page with the new meeting place!

Erie folks, do you have any suggestions for new routes that are lower traffic with wider paths?

In case you missed it: why we love our reactive dogs, why we need to learn to relax, and our first encounter with off-leash dogs.


  1. Happy to hear that the walks are going well! Bet both kinds of members can't wait to mix it up.
    Dina Mom

  2. Awesome idea -- We have a few regular walks just for normal walking of the two and i feel like they know the purpose of those walks. This post made me remember how much I love Rotties!

  3. Can we rearrange the world and throw Erie next to Phoenix so we can participate???