Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting Back to Work

It's no secret that Tess is a worrier.  Throughout the past year, she's become quite confident, even playful.  However, the past month, we've noticed her become more and more anxious.

Ed's regressed a bit, too.  Our agility classes have helped with dog reaction, but he's gotten little work in rececnt months with humans.  He's just overly interested and tends to jump up at passers-by.
We decided that the winter has not been good to us.  We all got pretty lazy, and we didn't do as much work as usual.

So we're getting back to work.  We've instituted morning walks and put Ed through an agility class.

This weekend, Tess had her first Class Clown class at Peninsula Pups.  Since Tess and I have done all the obedience classes, we were looking for something fun, while still putting her to work and using that brain of hers.

This weekend we started "Bang, You're Dead" -- working on just the "Bang" part where she lays down on her side, 

..."Say Your Prayers" -- working on getting the paws up on an object,

...and "Weave" -- getting used to the idea and not having to lure -- for which I have no photos!

We'll post videos once we have a better handle on them!  And I promise...better pictures, too.

Do your pooches go through "Spring Training"?  What do you do to get back into shape?


  1. Sounds like a cool class! It's great that you can recognize changes in your dogs and know what to do to help. Winter sucks for everyone, right?

  2. Sounds like a great class and a wonderful way to bond with your dog.