Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March BarkBox

A few weeks ago, Edison and Tesla received their second BarkBox.  As the first one was so well received, we were excited for the second.

Edison must have known that this one was theirs because he wasted no time digging in!

His favorite was by far the Harry Barker bone.  It had a squeaker, which he loves.  Unfortunately, Ed & Tess found this while I wasn't paying attention and it ripped.  I'm really bummed because this bone was so cute!

The second toy in this month’s Box was my favorite – this lollycadoodle wool mouse!  He is just too cute!

The pooches thought that his ears looked tasty

But Tess thought he looked like a better pillow than a play toy.

As for the treats, we received FeelGood Treats Ranch Bars Classique.  These were kinda stinky – the dogs LOVED them!

We also received Little Eatz Perfect Peanut Butter snacks.  The packaging says “the treat you BOTH can eat!”  So of course we tried them, too.  They tasted like unsweetened, hard peanut butter cookies.  But Ed and Tess seemed to like them well enough.

Another great BarkBox.  We love trying out new stuff and finding out what the pooches like!

If you're interested in getting your pooches their own Barkbox, use this link - we'll get a free month, and you'll get $5 of your first subscription!


  1. I have been considering signing up and you just sold me!

    1. yay! use the link at the bottom of the post - we get something for referring you!

    2. Oh - and you get $5 of your first subscription!

  2. I love that picture where they are eating the treat together.
    I keep saying I'd like to try this but for now we just have Pawbox. I don't like the payment options on Barkbox, how they deduct it all at once instead of monthly.

    1. We got a killer deal on our 3-month subscription, otherwise I feel the same way!