Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Bark Box

This month’s BarkBox was focused on entertaining a dog on a rainy day.  We get plenty of those up here in Erie and, although it’s been pretty nice lately, we were really excited to give our new stuff a go.  This rainy-day package came just in time, since we have a few days of rain in our future.

Obviously Edison went right for the Multipet dog toy.  Edison loves these things and they are pretty sturdy, and this one was no exception.  The only problem we have with them is he likes to whip them around in his mouth and then fling them across the room (think of a track and field athlete doing the hammer throw).  He's been carrying it all over.

And as usual, once Ed has it, Tess wants it too.  Brat.

There also were Etta Says! Duck Jerky in our box this month.  Boy, were these a hit!


All gone!

We also received this treat - achilles tendons!  We are saving these for a real rainy day.  These will keep the dogs well-occupied.

Unfortunately, we did not receive our Barkworthies that were supposed to be in the package, but we've contacted BarkBox and are waiting to hear back from them.
Another great BarkBox, but unfortunately the last one of our subscription.  Tess & Ed have loved their February and March BarkBoxes!  It's been fun!


  1. What size did you get? I'm loving the idea of this but I have a big dog and a small dog and not sure if the medium dog size will work! It seems like an awesome monthly surprise!

    1. We did "Large" sinec Ed is a pretty rough and tumble type dog. I'm not sure what size "medium" toys are, if they would be too small for Melvin. You might contact BarkBox to see if you can change your size if it doesn't work?

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