Friday, March 22, 2013

VIP Products Toy Tester: Sabertooth

Last week we received our second VIP Toy Tester product.  Meet Stan the Sabertooth.

This guy is SO much smaller than Paisley.

Ed was SUPER excited to get his paws on this guy.  We realized between Stan and P:ECO from our February BarkBox, Edison really likes stuffies.

He had so much fun with Stan.  We really are working on getting him to be more gentle a la Mr. B, and he started to pick up on it pretty well. 

I think what he loves most about the stuffies is smushing their bellies and hearing the squeeker -- it's Tesla that find enjoyment in ripping them limb-from-limb de-stuffing them. Edwas really pretty content with being allowed to squeek their squeekers!

We did have the same problem we did with Paisley in that the same inside his legged ripped.  So for now, Stan will be spending some quality time in the office with Paisley until I can get it together and sew them back up.

Does anyone have any tips for making strong stitches in stuffies?


  1. I don't think I realized how much smaller Tes is than Ed. It's hard to tell in photos, but could definitely tell in the video. They are both such beautiful dogs.
    Happy Friday!

    1. I know! Funny enough, she is about half his size and still holds her own!

  2. Fun stuff! If you find the magical fix for stuffie appendages, be sure to share the knowledge!

  3. Athena has a bunny of the Mighty Dog Toys brand (from Costco so I can't find it online), and it has just recently been destroyed after 8 months. When she first got the stuffy, she would pick at it like crazy, so we would stop her and put it away. I had it away in hiding for at least 3 months and finally just brought it out again last week. At first Athena just loved it and didn't do any picking.....then it finally got destroyed and I don't think there's any saving it =(

    1. The bunny is on their website, I think.

      That's what happens to us...they'll be really good with them and then we turn our back and all of a sudden it's like a snowstorm of fluff! How do they do it so fast?!