Monday, February 18, 2013

Stylish? I think so.

As some of you have spied, Tesla and Edison have been sporting some pretty fantastic gear over the past week.

Can you see it?

Our friends over at Pitlandia recently made the big announcement of their Etsy store a few weeks ago.  And boy were we excited.  Tess has been coveting Athena’s beautiful bows for awhile now.

So, sure enough, as soon as the store was open, I found myself purchasing a few things.  Only a few days later they arrived on my doorstep, all the way across the country!

Unfortunately, the pooches have been a little camera shy this week and refuse to let me take good pictures of them!  Here’s a close-up of our loot!

But finally, I captured some good ones of them in their brand, spankin’ new Little Bow Pup bows & bowties!

We love dressing up the pooches.  Not only does it make me giggle every single time, I love the way that it makes them more approachable when we take them out.
Obviously, Tess needed something for Valentine’s Day (how else would she find a Valentine?), so we picked up the “I Heart U” bow.

Edison isn’t much for hearts, so he requested the “Pirates” bowtie.

We are very pleased with our new Little Bow Pup bows & ties and are excited to try out our other set.


  1. They look wonderful of course. My fave is the pirate bow. I love putting accessories on the pups and then ooing and ahhing over them and seeing their reaction. Sometimes they get SO proud like they know how cute they are and other times they look miserable like we are horrible parents who love torture.

  2. So cute! :) I love that pirate bow-tie so much! :)