Friday, February 22, 2013

Is Your Dog SAD?

Tesla is by no means an active dog.

And while she's not active, she can be (in short bursts) playful.  She's always very aware of where her people are and ensures she is always laying on top of them near them.

A few months ago, I noticed her getting more and more aloof.  I find it hard to explain this change in behavior, since she has always been a lounger.  But she didn’t seem to care where we were.  At first, I thought this was a good thing – that she was becoming more independent and worrying less about having us in her sight.

But after a month or so, I started to get worried.  She had seemed to lose her joy.  We didn’t get kisses or exuberant greetings.  She didn’t have her short bursts of excitement.

I decided to ride it out a bit before talking to our vet.  I thought maybe getting her out of the house a little more might help.  I had also read somewhere that bananas are confidence boosters for dogs.  I have no idea if this is scientific or not, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.  So we doubled our effort to get her out & about, and we gave her some banana slices on top of her kibble.
Within a few weeks, I started seeing some of her old spark.  She seems pretty much back to her old self now – she is curious, cuddles, gives too many kisses, and wiggles her whole body when we get home.

I have no idea what it was or what corrected it.  Maybe she was affected by Season Affective Disorder?
Have any of your dogs gone through mood swings?


  1. Very interesting post. I haven't noticed any seasonal changes in Ray, but I do try to let lots of natural light in his space during the day.
    I never heard that about bananas being a confidence booster, although I don't doubt it. I consider bananas to be a wonder food.

  2. I think Braylon has mood swings. She's always excited to see her dad, but somewhat aloof with me on occassion. She just looks surly all the time and has never been incrediblly active. But if you pull out her leash she gets VERY excited. I think she is happy, and bringing me play buddies around, frequent walks, meal time, and cuddle time with her dad seem to be her favorite things, but overall she definitely looks like she "sulks" around sometimes to compared to Hades.

  3. Interesting! I do think exercise is important for dogs' moods like people. Norman gets the wiggles's my favorite:)