Monday, February 4, 2013

Edi & Tess's Favorite Things: Canine Connection

I think by now it’s common knowledge of where Edison started.

Who me?
It was shortly after we got him home that we realized the problem that we had.  Edison was over the top, and he didn’t seem to get what we expected of him.  We almost gave up on him.  But we made a promise when we adopted him, so we read more, worked harder, and took more time.

We tried all sorts of things (head collars, obedience classes, spray bottles, cans of change...), and it all really did help.  But none of it worked.
Through our reading, talking with professionals, and working with Edison, we felt like he was making progress.  But we didn’t want to end up on a TV show where you think to yourself “why didn’t these people do something sooner?”
DRAMATIZATION: We asked him to do this - Edi is no longer a bad boy.
Through a recommendation from Kim at Mud Puppies, we contacted Eileen Murdock from Canine Connections.  She doesn’t do obedience work, but instead deals strictly with behavioral issues, taking a “pack leader” approach.  Her program takes the following approach:
·         Behavior analysis – minimum 2 hours
o   Eileen gets some background and observes your interactions with your dog(s) in your own home.  She’ll give you a few pointers to start, some reading material with a lot of good info, and an idea about how she would like to proceed.
·         Personalized program – 3 to 4 hour coaching session
o   After the behavior analysis, if you choose, Eileen will design a complete program for you, based on your needs and goals. 
o   She will come back and do an in-depth coaching session.
o   You have unlimited access to her via phone or email for any additional questions
o   Clients rarely need a follow-up appointment, but she will gladly return, if needed.

We spent several hours with her during our initial consultation.  All our previous research paid off and we were given the “thumbs up” from Eileen that we were on the right path and were able to forego the personalized program.  She gave us plenty of pointers to tweak our routine and get even better results.  She also gave us a binder full of reading material to review.
Best yet, she’s still available to us for the rest of Edison’s life should any additional issues pop up over time.

We got great results working with Canine Connections and are thankful for Eileen's support and guidance in making Ed the dog we always knew he could be.  We even have a testamonial on the website!


  1. That sounds like a great program. I almost gave up on Kaya as well and had to dig deep to figure out how to make it work. I learned a lot of it had to do with patience and I could not expect her to act a certain way if she didn't know what I expected. What were Ed's main issues?

    1. He was basically still a puppy - but at 10 months and 60 pounds, it wasn't so cute. He clearly had never had rules or boundaries and didn't expect us to give him any. He would jump on us, "mouth" us (with a mouth full of adult teeth), and be a general bully. He was terrible on lead, would pick on Tesla, and create a scene in public if he saw another dog. Whew. It's actually hard to remember how bad he was!

      It's funny though, because he was having a bad night last night - not listening and being SUPER crazy. But when he does that now, we think back to when we first got him and it makes present-Ed look like an angel!

      And you're right - patience has been the biggest thing!

    2. Haha, I have to remind myself sometimes too. Kaya went through the worst stage when she was around that age too. I had the hardest time teaching her not to jump on people, she still does it once in a while:/

  2. Awesome that you have access to such a great program! And kudos to you for not giving up! Edison is one lucky pup

  3. This is so good to show, because I think there were times where we all almost gave up (E even confided he wanted to give up on Mr B at one point!). A lot of people aren't sure where to even begin, so this is so good to see.

  4. Such excellent work. I admire your dedication and listening to the positive recommendations. Eddie (and Tesla!) are wonderful dogs!

  5. Hannah,

    What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so very much, it brought tears to my eyes as I read it. You two did all the work, all I did was give you a few tools! I'm so very proud of all of you! Thank you for the wonderful and totally unexpected testimonial! Keep up the great work!