Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pitbull Owners: A Special Breed

I marvel at pitbull owners. 

Knowing the pitbull reputation, after having fallen in love with a certain brindle pitty, I began researching.  I wanted to know every detail about this “breed” – the good, the bad, and the beautiful.  I’ve come to find this is true about most pitbull owners.   

Since we find ourselves required to stick up for our pooches (for no wrongdoing of their own), we have to be overly prepared.  This is why we have worked so hard in making sure our dogs are as close to perfect as possible and are always working to make them better.  Why we got Tesla through CGC and are working our way there with Ed.  Why we know the history of the breeds identified as pitbulls.

Pitbull owners make it their duty to be fully in-tune with their dogs, knowing their limits and stressors.  They take it one step further and are aware of their surroundings – other dogs; kids; small, furry animals – and how their pooch will react to it.

When I adopted Tesla, she was dog tolerant, but did not appreciate rude dogs – the overly friendly, in-your-face greeters (pitbull owners – you know exactly what I mean).  So she would appropriately give them a correction.  Although in the dog world, Tesla’s reaction is totally warranted, I feared that humans would not understand this and assume that she was dog intolerant or aggressive – because she is a pitbull.

The Animal Farm Foundation has an initiative called “the Majority Project.”  The aim of this project is to show that pitbull owners are everywhere.  That they include all types of people, in all sorts of careers, of all different lifestyles, and the gamut of ages.  That the majority of us are regular folks (with some pretty amazing pooches, if I might add). 
So here we are, being the majority.


  1. omg i am absolutely in love - wonderful article! beautifuldogs, and most important well written blog- so very true and if only more ppl would subscribe to your article, versus the ridiculously sensationalized media articles, which brand pitties as awful vile creatures! There is so much i could say as a pitbull advocate- but then I would go on, and I am pretty sure I would be preaching to the choir!!! Thankyou for advocating for our pitties, and please continue to do so!! We need all we can get!!! Courtney Tome- erie

  2. Hi Hannah! I am an Erie-based Pit Bull advocate as well! It is so great to see some more fantastic Advocates right here in Erie! Our pit bull has recently passed his CGC and we are working on training him for the TDU Therapy test as well! Hope to work with you someday! -Courtney Beckerink

  3. Love your photo! I agree...we always have to be that much better because everyone is always watching our dogs and may even judge an entire breed based on what they see from our single pups. I do love how so many pitbull owners are like this and it is such a great community!

  4. I love this post! I hate feeling like I have to represent for all pit bull owners when I am out in public with my pittie, but I also love how many other pit bull owners I have met because of my dogs! :)

  5. Good to see blue nose Pitbulls in your house. It seems you have taken very good care of them. I am currently doing research on these Pitbulls, I hope this guide will also help you to know more about them.