Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Foster: Toby

Back in August, a friend of ours decided, for various reasons, they could no longer care for their recently adopted dog.  Having met him and already aware of his issues, we decided to take him in until we could find him a permanent home.
That is how we came to be short-term beagle owners.

Toby, a young (9 month-ish), said-to-be pure bred beagle, came to live with us in August.  At that time, he was scared of everything, not housetrained, and did not walk well on a leash.  We promptly began training on Day 1.
After a good ol' fashion neutering, of course.
Being used to the highly-trainable pitbull-type, working with Toby was a challenge.  While food motivated, he just didn’t seem to “get it.”

Here's Toby doing his version of "down-stay."

We worked and worked and, within 2 months, he finally learned “sit,” “down,” and “stay.”

Toby's first "down"

He didn’t come without his issues of course (the crate...yikes!), but he was such a sweet little guy.  All he wanted to do was be with his people and pal around with his two new buddies.

We were diligent about searching for his perfect home.  We created a facebook page for him, put up fliers at all the shops in town, and carried info cards on us at all time for perspective adopters.

In September, we were contacted by potential adopters who were looking for a playmate for their 5-year-old beagle, Abbey.

While Abbey was timid around him at first, Toby gave her space and you could see her start to warm up to him.  The family was super knowledgeable about beagles and understood (and *GASP* even loved) Toby’s “quirks.”

It’s been 3 months since Toby was adopted.  We think of him in his new home every time we hear see a beagle.  Toby is living the life of luxury with his new family and his beagle sister.

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