Saturday, December 8, 2012

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

As we noted in our post earlier this week, there were ample opportunities to get your pooches' photo taken with Santa today.

This morning, Tess and I were at Peninsula Pups Doggy Daycare representing Therapy Dogs United.

Canine Santa (aka Therapy Dog Maxx) was even there to with all the pups a Merry Christmas.

Newly therapy dog certified Google was there to show off the work he does with Northwest Pennsylvania K9 Search and Rescue.

This lovely lady was visiting from the ANNA Shelter.  Her name is Oriole and she is up for adoption!!  She was super sweet and very friendly.

Tess even made a new friend named Oliver.

After that, Tess made her way to Mud Puppies for their 2 Year Anniversary Party and photos with Santa where we met up with Edison.

Edison didn't care much for this pseudo-Santa, so he passed on the photo op.

We did get a photo of Tess & Ed, sans Santa.

Whew, what a day...


  1. When last I checked on Peninsula Pups website, pit bulls & bulldogs weren't allowed at all, they weren't even allowed to get assessed. Have they changed their ways?

  2. Erin - No they haven't. Pitbulls are welcome to all their training classes and events, but are not allowed in their doggy daycare. If your dog is a bully-type, he must be DNA tested and be without one of the pitbull breeds (i.e. APBT, AmStaff, or Staffy Bull) to be allowed.