Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Photos with Lani Harmon

Two weeks ago we loaded up the pooches and headed to one of Edi & Tess’s Favorite Places – Mud Puppies.

So excited for pictures!

Last year, the owner Kim, had a photographer come in and do Christmas photos of the canine customers.  I signed up thinking it’s a great way to support the shop, a local photographer, and get some cute photos of the pooches all at the same time.  And while, yes, all three of these things were accomplished, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded.

This was still in the “Crazy Ed” phase– and he was on top of his game that day.  Not only was it a terrible experience (although we learned alot!), it was really embarrassing. But we did get some cute photos!

So we were excited this year to show off the progress we had made...and also a little nervous to see how Ed would do.

In short, he did AWESOME!  We walked in, positioned the dogs, and within 5 minutes had our first set of photos.  We looked at each other and thought “seriously, that’s it?”

We cannot say enough of the photographer, Lani Harmon, who was so patient with us last year and kept positive about the experience – even as Ed was “nipping” her arm.  This year was Tesla’s turn to be the “problem child” – she refused to look at the camera or even pretend to be enthused.  Lani humored us trying to get “the shot.”

We ended up getting a pretty fantastic photo...

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