Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TDU: Blasco Library

Each month, Tesla & I go to the Blasco Memorial Library to meet up with some of her friends – both human and canine.

Kids from the City of Erie community come to participate in the Therapy Dogs Reading Program at the library where they spend about an hour practicing reading to each dog.

The dogs help children to read because they have “non-judgmental ears.”  When reading aloud to adults, kids tense up and are reluctant to try if they’re not confident in their abilities.  But when reading to a dog, kids are much more comfortable. 

We’ve been participating in the program since January and – while we can’t take credit for it – we’ve noticed not only am improvement in the kids’ reading abilities, but also their willingness to try.

Tesla says, "T is for Tesla!"

Tesla loves seeing the kids and they love her – many of them have pitbulls themselves and have a great connection with her.  I love showing them how responsible ownership makes for a well-balanced, loving dog.

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  1. What a great program! We were hoping to do something like this with our pups, but Miss M's face is a bit 'unimpressed' and we always wondered if children would find her judgmental....
    Tesla is so sweet; I can see why the kids look forward to having her!